Comunitaria's social currency

Social Currency, ILLA

The use of the ILLA

The use of the illa begins digitally, through a mobile application. It is currently being used in the neighbourhood of Los Pajaritos, Seville. It was created with blockchain technology to make the exchange as secure, efficient and transparent as possible.

Goal of the ILLA

Its objective is to help the people most in need to buy fresh food from local shops in their neighbourhood. Therefore, we reduce their malnutrition and promote small shops.

Cultural identification

As the cultural identification of the coins is so important, the illa is converted into tangible banknotes and currencies. Specifically, one side of the coin has been designed by a student at the Victoria Diez school in the neighbourhood Los Pajaritos. The other designs of the coin and banknotes have been created by local and international artists.

Collecting donations

The physical currency and banknotes had a presence in the Seville fair and were used in the form of fair tickets in the booths. In this way, the coins that are purchased and kept as souvenirs provided a donation to the neighbourhood of Los Pajaritos. It will also be used in the same way at local events and festivals to collect donations.

Diseñado por artistas

Diseños de los billetes y las monedas

Baknote of 2 ILLAs

Billete 2 illas-Chema Rodriguez

The 2 illa banknote has been designed by Chema Rodriguez, an artist from Seville who studied Fine Arts in Seville and Perugia. He has been traveling around the world for years because he started receiving portrait commissions. He has worked for Royal Houses and European noble families.

Baknote of 5 ILLAs

5 illas-Javier Arrés

The 5 ILLAs banknote made by Javier Arrés, one of the most recognized crypto-artists worldwide, pioneer and maximum Spanish exponent. Winner of the London Art Biennale 2019 and the Illustrator People Choice Award Creativepool 2017 among other awards.

Currency of 1 ILLA

Moneda 1 illa-Angela Mena

The 1 ILLAs currency has been made by Ángela Mena from Seville. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, currently lives and works in Seville after having had her own workshops in different European cities, such as London and Madrid.

You can purchase the ILLAs in digital format!

As ILLA is a social cryptocurrency and was born digital, it can also be purchased as NFT.

The NFTs may serve in the future to constitute a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of our ``Roofs that Feed`` project.