"Rooftops that Feed"

What does the "rooftops that feed" project consist of?

The ``Rooftops that feed`` project transforms solar energy from the roofs of homeowner associations into digital social currencies (ILLA) that can be exchanged for fresh produce in local stores

It's as easy as installing solar panels and receiving Illas

Flat rooftop , low-rise, non-accessible buildings

› Homeowners' associations do not have to make any down payment

› We have a smart device that measures the energy generated, the energy consumed and the energy sold.

Who is part of the project?

Local shops willing to contract the energy produced from the rooftops of the neighbourhood

HOAs (Homeowners Associations) use their rooftop to receive a local currency to buy at the local commerce.

The local church La Candelaria. They accept ILLAs as payments for the electricity their rooftop is providing.

Companies or photovoltaic energy providers that help finance the installation of solar panels.

ClimAcelerator program

``The program is run by Impact Hub Vienna and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Oficial) and is funded by EIT Climate-KIC.``

Implementation of the pilot stage with Blockstart

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Environmental, social and economic impact

C02 reduction

› Eradicates energy poverty

› Reduces malnutrition

› Promotes local economy and employment

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