"Rooftop that feeds"

Energy rehabilitation in disadvantaged neighborhoods

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What does the "rooftop that feeds" project consist of?

The ``Roofs that feed`` project transforms solar energy from the roofs of homeowner communities into digital social currencies (ILLA) that can be exchanged for fresh produce in local stores

It's as easy as installing solar panels and receiving Illas

Flat rooftop , low-rise, non-accessible buildings

› Homeowners' communities do not have to make any down payment

› We have an smart device that measures the energy generated, the energy consumed and the energy sold.

How do we do it?

Rooftop rental for solar panels installation

Sale of energy generated to neighborhood shops

Distribute of illas to buy fresh food at local stores

Environmental, social and economic impact

C02 reduction

› Eradicate energy poverty

› Reducing malnutrition

› Promote local economy and employment

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Did you know that if you donate 1€ for the installation of solar panels , 3€ will go towards local commerce?