High impact donations in disadvantaged neighborhoods


What do we do at Comunitaria ?

Comunitaria produces donations that have a great impact on disadvantaged neighbourhoods. To do this, we use a social currency that benefits local shops and reduces poverty amongst people in vulnerable situations,.

Comunitaria's social currency

The representative name is ILLA

The value of 1 ILLA is equal to 1 EURO

It can only be exchanged for fresh food at Comunitaria's member stores.

It has its own printed currency and physical banknotes designed by renowned artists.

It is used as donations to help the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Our most recent project


We install solar panels on buildings in the poorest neighbourhoods and use the solar energy generated to produce a social currency that can be used to buy fresh food at local stores.

All this generates a positive social impact on people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


Pilot stage with blockstart

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