Community energy to combat climate emergency

We live close to different crises. Climate (rising temperatures, CO2 emissions, etc.), health, economy (millions of people who cannot afford high energy costs causing tremendous energy poverty in Spain), care, society and democracy.


Therefore, community energy is fundamental to the economy of decarbonization and an important step to address the climate emergency.


Below, we tell you how important it is to use renewable energy to improve our planet. So read on!

What are the advantages of community energy?

Community energy can help create a new balance between local economies and the global economy. It can also help bridge the gap between urban and rural areas and close the gap between the South and the North, between the rich and the poor, and raise the profile of the participants.


In addition, community energy leads to energy democracy, fulfilling the promise of an economy and society based on cooperation rather than competition, within the limits of planet Earth.

La cultura del individualismo y la competencia ha erosionado las sociedades

Across Europe, people and communities have begun to suffer the first effects of climate emergencies, such as drought, crops, floods and forest fires, among others.


However, these results are more dangerous in South American countries, where there are more difficulties in managing them, so more and more people are forced to leave their homes due to harsh weather conditions.


As a consequence, this brings a climate injury. Those who contributed to global warming are those who face its worst effects, making society worldwide more dangerous. Scientific reports are increasingly alarming and time is running o

Did you know that Comunitaria creates energy communities with a social currency?

Solutions to the climate emergency

Given Europe’s historical responsibility for causing this crisis, it is our duty to guide its solutions.


For this reason, our world needs to get rid of fossil fuels as quickly as possible to move from an ocean economy to a renewable society. This therefore means a new energy system that is equitable and 100% renewable, whose ownership is democratic.


It seems that the climate crisis is often the result of a lack of community and democracy. Large companies run energy systems for profit and leave little room for people to voice their opinions.

Climate disruption is not inevitable

Many people may well feel frustrated and disconnected from the current system. But we have also seen how quickly the instinct for support can emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic, mutual aid and cooperation.


The energy that society possesses is a practical way out of many crises. By putting energy in the hands of individuals and societies, we can collectively address climate and societal challenges. Indeed, community energy can revitalize the local economy by creating local jobs, reducing energy bills and making it easier for money to stay in the community.


As a result, it strengthens communities, reduces energy poverty and enables people to reduce their energy consumption, thereby increasing national support for new renewable energy projects. As a result, many people solve their problems on their own and create a new energy system that works for everyone.


A new world is before us. You and your community can be part of building it!