Comunitaria is the most efficient way to donate fresh produce to those in need, promoting the economic recovery of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods

Donate fresh food people needed

By donating to your neighborhood

Purchase fresh products by an App

Don't need credit card or bank account

These products are purchased in local shops

Very fast and easy to use

It promotes the economy recovery

In local businesses and the neighborhood in general


¿How Works?

1. We have a prepayment to the shop of neighborhood that had been chosen

2. It sends a digital voucher to Beneficiaries by Comunitaria app

3. People helped only can buy the products in the joined shops of your neighborhood by Comunitaria electronic wallet

  • Donations
  • Expenses incurred

Transparency is one of the key elements of Comunitaria

100% donated money in the neighborhood are converted in reals donations

What we get?

Reduce the povety

Food security and improve of the nutrition

Resolution of social inequalities

Promoting economic growth